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My flight was: Question
Choose Cancelled if you did not arrive at you final destination or had to take a flight with a different flight number. Choose Delayed if you arrived later than expected. Choose Overbooked if you were unrightfully denied to board the plane.
Departure Airport: Question
The airport from which you started your journey. If you have had stopovers, write the first airport of your journey.
Destination Airport: Question
The airport in which you originally expected to end your journey.
Flight number : Question
The flight that caused the delay. The flight number often consists of 2-3 letters and 3-4 numbers. The flight number can be found on your travel documents.
Scheduled time of arrival to final destination: Question
State the date you originally expected to reach your destination.
Actual time of arrival to final destination (approx.) : Question
The time you actually arrived to your final destination. Don’t you know yet, at what time you will arrive at your final destination, please provide an estimate.
What was the reason for the irregularity? : Question
What reason - if any - did the airline state as the cause of the delay?
When were you informed about the changes to the travel shedule?: Question
When were you first informed about the delay or cancellation?
Describe in your own words what caused the irregularity. Please include any other information which may be of relevance to the case: Question
If you have further information about your delay, please state it here.


  • Family was 5 hours delayed

    Charlotte, Harry and their two children were 5 hours delayed traveling from Tenerife to London due to a mechanical failure on the plane. They received 1600 euro tax-free.

  • Delayed due to bad weather

    Jack and two colleagues were delayed six hours on their flight from Hamburg to Manchester, due to heavy fog in Hamburg. They are not entitled to a compensation as the delay was caused by circumstances beyond the airline's control.

  • Cancelled flight

    Susan, Raymond and their three children were travelling home from Thailand. Their flight was cancelled due to problems with the fuel pump and the airline offered hotel accommodation until the following day. They are entitled to a compensation of 2000 euro.

  • Denied boarding

    Karen and Peter's flight from Birmingham to Amsterdam was overbooked and they were not allowed to embark. Instead, they were sent via London and arrived in Amsterdam with a 3 hour delay. They are entitled to a compensation of 500 euro. Their tickets had only cost 215 euro.

  • Missed the connecting flight

    On their way to New York, Stephanie and Maria missed their connecting flight in London as their first flight landed one and a half hour later than expected. Now they've received 1200 euro in compensation.

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