Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service

  • How do help you get compensated?

    When you file a claim at, we start your case by contacting the airline. In case, they don't respond or reject our claim wrongfully, we will contact the national transportation authorities or go to court if necessary. Our persistence is one of the main reasons why we win more than 97% of our cases.

  • What does it cost? works on a "no win, no fee" basis. This means, that we only charge for our service when we win your case. Otherwise it's free. When we win your case, we charge 25% of the compensation amount + VAT. This covers our entire service - even court cases when this becomes necessary. Furthermore, we help you get the extra expenses related to your delay reimbursed for free.

  • Can I claim compensation on my own?

    Yes, everybody can contact the airline and claim compensation. But often, the airlines decline these claims with the excuse that the delay was due to 'extraordinary circumstances' and this can be difficult to disprove. This means, that you must be ready to bring the case all the way to court and pay different court fees. If you win, the airline has to cover such expenses.

  • Why should I use

    By using you can concentrate on other things while we deal with the airline. The airlines often complicate the process of claiming compensation for passenger. Our many years of experience and cooperation with some of the best lawyers are some of the reasons why we win more than 97% of our cases!

Filing your claim

  • How do I apply?

    To start your claim against the airline, you need to fill out our application form. Based on the information about your flight, the form will calculate how big a compensation you might be entitled to. If it appears, that you are entitled to compensation, you will be asked to fill in your contact information and submit your claim. Hereafter, we will go through the claim and let you know whether we can take your case or not.

  • What documents do you need to start my case?

    When we approve your case, we will ask you to upload a few documents that are required to handle your claim. We will ask for: A travel plan from you and your fellow travelers with name of passenger(s), time of departure, flight number, and booking number. Boarding pass or ticket can also be used. A Power of Attorney, signed by you and your fellow travelers, allowing us to handle your claim against the airline. A few airlines still request copies of photo IDs as well. This you will be asked to upload if your airline is among these. To be able to open your documents we ask you to send them in either pdf, jpg, or word format.

  • Can I file a claim for more than one person?

    Yes, you can add the number of persons you wish to include in your claim under the application form. Please be aware, that we will ask for a Power of Attorney signed by all passengers included in the claim at a later stage.

  • How far back can I claim compensation?

    In the UK, the statute of limitation for these claims is 6 years. But be aware, that the expiration time can be shorter in the country where you started your journey. For this reason, we recommend that you file your claim for compensation as soon as possible.

  • Can I get a refund for other expenses caused by the delay?

    Yes, depending on the length of your delay, the airline must offer refreshments, accommodation, transportation, and the opportunity of two phone calls or e-mails during the delay. If you've had any extra expenses in this regard or if you had to buy a new flight ticket, we can help you get these expenses covered by the airline. This we handle free of charge. Please upload your receipts when you upload your travel documents.

  • Can I claim compensation for a flight which was paid by my employer?

    The compensation follows the passenger - not the one who paid the ticket. If you are delayed on a business trip, it is you as a passenger who can claim compensation. This is unless your company's travel policy states otherwise.

  • The airline refuses to pay compensation. Can I still file a claim at

    Yes, it is not unusual that passengers get wrongfully rejected when claiming compensation directly to the airline. We know what circumstances entitles you to compensation, and we can take the necessary legal steps in order to make the airline pay. If you have received an answer from the airline, please send it when you've filed your claim.

The process

  • How long does it take?

    When you file a claim at, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years until you will receive your compensation. This is due to some airlines' long processing time or that they don't respond at all. If the airline won't pay, we might need an evaluation of the delay by one of the European transportation authorities who respond within 6-12 months on average. If the case has to be filed at court, it will also take between 6-8 months until the court reaches a decision. The good news is that interest accrues on the compensation amount while the case is filed at court.

  • How do I receive the compensation, when the case is won?

    When we've received the compensation from the airline, we will send a request for your bank information. The request will be sent from our finance department using the email address: Be aware, that this is another email address than the one you've received updates on throughout your case. For this reason, remember to check your spam filter.

  • The airline has contacted me directly. How should I act?

    This happens from time to time. As your legal assistant we take care of all the correspondence with the airline, so please forward the airline's inquiry to our case workers. Some airlines transfer the compensation directly to the passengers. If this is the case, please contact us right away so we can guide you on how to act.

  • Can two companies handle my claim at the same time?

    You can only receive one compensation per delay. In case, more companies are helping you, you can end up paying service fees to all companies, when your case is won. For this reason, it is important that you only file your claim at one company at a time.

Your rights

  • Which countries are covered?

    The EU legislation on air passengers' rights applies to flights from all EU countries, and member states of the EU regulation 261/2004. These include: Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Western Balkan. The rules also apply to flights to the EU and the countries mentioned above, as long as the airline is based in a member states.  

  • How long should my flight be delayed before I am entitled to a compensation?

    To be covered by the rules for compensation, your airline should arrive 3 hours later than the scheduled time of arrival. For cancellations, it also depends on the time the airline informed you about the change. But you should be more than 2 hours late as a minimum. You can try our calculator to see if your delay entitles you to a compensation.

  • How much can I get in compensation?

    The compensation amounts range between 250-600 euro per passenger. How much you might get, depends on the distance of your flight, the length of the delay, and whether you are travelling to or from a country outside of the EU. When you have entered your flight information in our application form, you will get an estimate on how much you might be entitled to.

  • Can I claim compensation even if the airline paid my hotel or other expenses during the delay?

    Yes. According to the EU regulation you can still be entitled to an economic compensation even if you've been compensated for food and accommodation costs.

  • I missed my connecting flight. Can I get compensation?

    Possibly you can. If the two flights are bought as a complete journey, with the same booking number, this type of delay might entitle you to a compensation as well. Try our calculator to see if it's possible.

  • How about lost luggage?

    Unfortunately, luggage is not covered by the EU regulation that we work under. We recommend that you contact your insurance company instead.

Response time

  • When can I expect an answer from you?

    Some periods are more busy than others but we strive to get back on you inquiry within 2-4 business days. If you need an answer before that, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

  • When will you get an answer from the airline?

    It differs from airline to airline how quick they respond. And some airlines never respond at all. In case, we haven't heard from your airline after 6 weeks, we will take other legal actions in order to claim your compensation.

  • My case is being processed by the transportation authorities. How long will it take?

    Each country has its own transportation authority, that handles cases on delays and cancellations. The authorities handle the cases within 6-12 months on average. So please be patient in the meantime.

  • My case awaits a court case. How long will it take?

    Typically, it takes between 6-8 months from a case is filed at court till there is a result. We'll update you as soon as there is any news but please do not hesitate to contact us if you want an update in the meantime.

  • Other passengers from my flight have already received compensation. When will I get my compensation?

    The airlines handle each case individually. And unfortunately, it is not unusual that they pay compensation to some passengers but not to others. If you want to know the exact status of your case, please contact our case workers.

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