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How to get compensation for a flight delay

Charlotte, Harry and their two children were 5 hours delayed traveling from Tenerife to London due to a mechanical failure on the plane.

Under EU law, air passengers may be entitled to financial compensation, if a flight is delayed for more than three hours. The distance of your flight and the duration of a delay determine how much the passenger is entitled to in compensation. The duration of a delay is calculated using the actual time of arrival at the final destination. The time of arrival is when the doors are opened, and passengers are allowed to leave the airplane. To claim compensation, your flight must be more than 3 hours delayed on a journey that:

More than 3 hours delayed on a journey that

Departure from a member state – arrival in a member state

All airlines

Departure from a member state – arrival in a non-member state

All airlines

Departure from a non-member state – arrival in a member state

Airlines based in a member state

Whether we can claim compensation for your delayed flight depends on the cause of the delay. In general, the EU regulation 261/2004 differentiates between reasons that are within the control of the airline and reasons that are outside the control of the airline, i.e. extraordinary circumstances. The airline is not obligated to pay compensation in cases where the delay is caused by extraordinary circumstances. The airline must pay compensation, on the other hand, if the flight delay could have been avoided by taking reasonable measures.

The most common causes that entitle you to compensation are technical problems or illness among the flight crew. Sometimes the cause for delay might be a strike or bad weather conditions. In such cases, you may also be entitled to compensation, but it depends on the individual case.

How much can you get in compensation?

You might be entitled to up to €600 in compensation. Your compensation depends on the length of your journey and the duration of your delay. The rates are fixed and range between €250 - €600 per passenger.

For example: Your flight departed late and arrived more than 3 hours late on a journey of 2,000 km. In this case, you could be entitled to €400 in compensation. Read more about the compensation rates in our section on compensation. Or, if you are unsure how much compensation you are entitled to, find the answer by entering your information into our compensation calculator.

How do we help you get compensated?

At, we are ready to help you get compensated when your flight is delayed. All we need to start your case is your travel information, which you can easily and quickly provide through our online form. We will take care of everything from there.

When we receive your claim, we start the process by double checking your information with the information from our database to ensure that everything is filled out correctly. This helps us determine if your case is eligible for compensation. You will receive an e-mail from one of our legal experts stating if we can help you claim compensation from the airline and how much compensation you might be entitled to.

We will then claim your compensation from the airline. We make sure to follow up on your claim, if the airline does not respond to our request within reasonable time. Keep in mind that, in some cases, it can take up to a couple of months for the airline to respond and transfer the compensation. When the airline has accepted our claim, you receive an e-mail from our financial department asking for your bank details, and we will transfer the compensation back to you.

If the airline rejects our claim and refuses to pay compensation, we will do a thorough analysis of the reason behind the rejection to determine whether it is necessary to send your claim to the national transport authority, or if we will take the case to court. The processing time for cases that are sent to court or the national transport authority varies and can range between anything from a couple of months to years. We will make sure to keep you updated about any important events throughout the entire process.

We work entirely on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that you only have to pay a fee if we retrieve a compensation on your behalf. Besides flight delays, we specialise in helping air passengers get their rightful compensation in case of cancelled flights, denied boarding or missed connecting flights. Find out if you are entitled to compensation for a flight delay or cancellation below.

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