Your rights as an air passenger

Know your rights in case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight

Henrietta missed her flight in Frankfurt due to delayed boarding in Heathrow. She claimed compensation with the airline herself but was denied and turned to us for help. We took the airline to court and secured Henrietta's rightful compensation.

Air passengers’ right to compensation has been adopted in the EU regulation (EC) 261/2004. The regulation ensures that air passengers have the same rights no matter what airline they are travelling with.

The rules are complicated and through litigations, is continuously working on clarifying the circumstances that entitle you to compensation. By following the links below, you can read more about your rights in connection with the different events:

When is your flight covered?

Your flight is covered by the European air passenger rights when you travel within EU, or when your flight starts in EU. All flights that depart in a non-EU country and ends in EU are also covered - as long as the airline is European.

The member states include all countries within the EU and countries such as: Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Western Balkan.

Whether you are entitled to compensation also depends on the airline you are travelling with. The rules apply for:

Departure from a member state – arrival in a member state

All airlines

Departure from a member state – arrival in a non-member state

All airlines

Departure from a non-member state – arrival in a member state

Airlines based in a member state

Please note! There might also be applicable air passenger rights in countries that are not covered by the EU regulation. If your flight is not covered by the EU regulation, you can try contacting your insurance company, the Civil Aviation Authority or the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

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